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XCS-35 Recorded on Cassette

v/a Beautiful Music ()

Orff - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
Enya - Bodicea
Yello - L'hôtel
Foetus - Pigdom Come
Einstürzende Neubauten -Fïat Lux
Pink Floyd - Julia Dream
Art of Noise - Moments in Love
Skinny Puppy - Centre Bullet
Skinny Puppy - One Day
Art of Noise - One Earth
Einstürzende N. - Seele Brennt
Peter Gabriel - Biko
P. Flyd - Welcome to the Machine
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
P. Gabriel - Lead a Normal Life
Iron Maiden - Strange World
Hilt - Come Alive
Art of Noise - Dan Dare
Black Sabbath - Solitude
Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks
Pink Floyd - Pigs on the Wing
100 minutes

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