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CD-113 Compact Disc Anterior Research/Sub-Mission CDWHIP003-166700003-

Clock DVA Collective (1994)

the hacker [viral version] 7.23
the act [activated] 5.22
hacker/hacked [operation sundevil] 7.13
soundmirror [reflected] 5.43
the sonology of sex 2 3.45
final program [thinking machine] 4.15
bitstream [teledildonic version] 5.52
h.i.t. [bio] 4.56
cybertone [exoskeleton] 3.59
virtual flesh [electrosex] 5.58
voice recognition test [cognitive] 5.58
cypher [glyph] 5.00
eternity [ballard] 4.34
solaris [mimetoid] 5.01
1988-1993 Singles
'Buried Dreams'
'Man Amplified'

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